1. Math and Science.

  2. Blogging

  3. Rock Music (I only love Linkin Park and BMTH).

  4. Martial Arts

  5. I like home than crowded places.

  6. I prefer tea over coffee.

  7. I like sarcasm and humor.

  8. I like my work where I know I'm working for the betterment of others and the planet.

  9. I like non-vegetarian food.

  10. I like online series.

  11. Traveling with friends.

  12. Sketching Automobiles and thinking of new technology- features that can be implemented in automobiles.


  1. People who think Alan Walker is good.

  2. People who hate Linkin Park, or simply rock music.

  3. I dislike disorder, be it unkempt looks, unorganized homes, etc.

  4. I dislike fake and political correct nature.

  5. I dislike clean shaven looks in men.

  6. I dislike people who cheat and lie.

  7. I dislike my meticulous nature cause I spend more time in perfecting things than required..

  8. I dislike people with bad hands and feet. I prefer people taking care of these and not neglecting them. (I mean bathing properly)

  9. People who have a poor knowledge of automobiles and... me.

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