Apple Ends Them All.

Security, security, and more security. This is the only thing that comes in a normal user’s mind in this world controlled by the internet. And yeah we all know pretty much about cyber- security. The biggest responsibility for the world’s biggest companies is keeping their user’s data secure. And they all claim that our information is safe with them. That’s why we come across some epic articles like this:


Well done, Facebook.

Even Microsoft is good at it!


Now getting to the main point.

Then comes this company, Apple Inc. who is on a mission to end the rule of all these tech giants over there. Always talking about the security of its users. And of course it is gonna provide them with some real security as all the users are its slaves caught up in the Apple ecosystem. Alright, give me a chance to ask you some questions.

Would you be using Facebook today if it was made by Apple? Would you be using Google if it was made by Apple? Would you be using Instagram if it was made by Apple? Probably most of you will be saying no. But if there’s anyone who says yes, will not be satisfied from the within I swear.

Apple started a social network 10 years ago. I bet you don’t even know about it. It was called “Ping”, which was a social platform for music professionals. Well, it failed badly. From then, Apple decided not to be in the same competition as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram. It wants to dominate the world of tech. So that’s why they keep on blabbering about data security. And yeah for sure have they worked on it. I see that in every Apple event.

Okay, so why do Facebook, Google, Twitter and all those social networks need to fear Apple? Well to be honest Apple is ending them without them even getting to know about it. There’s one more Apple event this April 20th baby! According to sources, this spring event is for launching new Macs and iPhone 13? Dunno, but one thing that I can surely tell is that there’s a new iOS version rolling out. Imma a part of the Apple Developer Community, hence I know about it. The new update is gonna take security to a whole new level!

Ads. It’s gonna focus on ads. And ads are the only daily bread n butter for companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. And according to the latest Apple Developer policy statement, “Users cannot be tracked in any way”. So, its pretty much clear that there are not gonna be any ads on the newer iOS versions. Plus the iPhone 13 launch. So somewhere Apple users are lucky enough. Hey but wait, this doesn't stop Facebook and Google. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

This wasn’t a blog. Was out of good content so thought of giving some knowledge. There’s gonna be something epic soon. Stay tuned.