ARM: Apple’s Big Move

Apple has finally announced a huge change in its Mac Computers after 14 successful years. It has finally dumped Intel processors aside. So, no more Intel processors in Macs! This is certainly a big move which requires ‘guts’ as the entire processing units are being changed!

Apple claims that its ARM processor designs, those currently being used in iPhones and iPads, would be a better choice in the future of computing, thus ditching Intel’s traditional x86 processors aside.

This big news was announced at Apple’s first-ever virtual “World Wide Developers Conference” [WWDC]. Apple says that the first-ever silicon-based Macs would ship by the end of 2020.

This move, according to me would create a good future for Apple as it would provide the form even greater control over its hardware and software, in the same way as in the case of iPhones and iPads. As for users, Apple promises more powerful machines than before that are drastically efficient, meaning more battery life. This is achieved due to the unique ARM Design over Intel’s traditional designs which consume more battery. Apple also says that switching to its own chips has not only opened up performance but also new, innovative technologies such as the AI Neural Engine, higher graphics, and the best security.

Adding to these great changes, the newly announced MacOS Big Sur also improves the whole user interface of the Mac with translucent effects, enhanced depth view, and color. This works even better on the brand-new iOS 14. Apple has also bought the Control Centre from the iPhone to the Mac for quicker access to settings, such as brightness, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and much more.

Talking solely about MacOS, the dock in MacOS Big Sur floats at the bottom of the screen, similar to those on iPads. Safari browser is now faster than ever, about 50 times faster than Google Chrome, and has improved privacy settings. Apple has also added built-in translation, better tab management, and a fully redesigned Start Page in Safari. So, it is worth upgrading to macOS Big Sur when gets released for public use. It is currently available only to Developer Beta users of macOS(at the time of writing this blog).

Apple is not the first company to take this huge step. Even Microsoft has dabbled several times with ARM Chips on its Surface Pro PCs, most recently with the Surface Pro, which has a custom-designed chip made by Microsoft with the mobile chip-maker Qualcomm.

Despite of making both, hardware and software, Microsoft has struggled a lot to bring some important third-party apps to its ARM-based PCs. Here is where Apple may have the edge, with greater control over third-party app developers and previous experience in making such a dramatic switch. And Apple says that it has already ported all the apps to its new ARM-based chips.

So, its only time that will tell us if Apple succeeds or not.

Meet you the next week with one more interesting blog… Till then GOODBYE!