Gaming is Essential

Spoiler Alert: - This blog may prove your existing view of games wrong . Viewer discretion recommended.

There are millions of kids who complain that their parents are against games or they themselves don’t like playing games. Video games are often dismissed as unsophisticated or considered as the domain of couch potatoes. But do you exactly know that many elements of this simulated world can provide tangible benefits in real life? Don’t say gaming is something wrong, many people have an approach as if gaming is some sort of crime! Believe me, every coin has 2 sides, even gaming does. So continue reading further being 100% unbiased.

Video games benefit all ages, like healthy brain stimulation, development of problem-solving skills, and of course cause stress relief! Games are to be played in the pass- time. To be true, if you want to be Einstein, and you can balance all activities, playing games is the key. Gaming increases the amount of grey- matter in your brain. Einstein was sooo intelligent only because of the presence of more grey matter in his brain. Now, what is gray matter? In simple words, gray matter is something that boosts the power of the brain. It is only formed when you make your brain exercise.

Gaming is really a workout for your mind often disguised as fun. Scientific studies have shown that playing video games regularly increases the amount of gray matter present in the brain, thus boosting the brain’s problem-solving skills and its connectivity with the body parts like hell! Gray matter is associated with muscle control, memories, perception and spatial navigation. So, if you wanna score more in tests, increase your brain’s memory, and want to remember all your childhood memories even on your death-bed, play games!

I bet you must have been shocked and will be thinking, “Gaming as so many benefits? If yes, then why am I wasting my time after studies doing nothing? Let’s play some video games!” If you really have some free- time, just kick the “Art of doing nothing” from your mind and play games. This is not over yet, there are more benefits pal…

Another important point is that Gamers have better social skills (except some rowdy- ones). There’s a common stereotype that states- Gaming is done by shy people as a way to escape from others. Well, this is TOTALLY WRONG! This is surely not how an average gamer looks like! According to a research, it is found that those who played video games were more likely to have good social skills, perform better in academics, and build better relationships with others around, thanks to the social and collaborative component of some types of games. (I’ve even provided the link of the research, do click the link of you feel that I am fooling you lmao).

Games are a good way if you want to give your problem-solving skills a good height. Most of the games require some prior strategy if you want to win. For example, most of the FPS ones like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Free Fire, blah blah….(PUBG is banned)

Now comes the main point. Even my parents scolded me a million times saying: “Siddhant, stop playing games! It’s weakening your eyes!” Here comes the twist. On one side they say that playing games is ruining your vision, and on the other hand, they are saying that some of your friends got spectacles because they don’t play games! They study a lot! Wait, shall I go and die? THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

Do your parents tell you the same thing? THEY ARE TOTALLY WRONG! Computer or mobile screens don’t actually ruin your vision! (unless you sit like a freak playing games for 10 hours non- stop). If the screen- time is limited, then there’s no problem at all. Now coming to the point, playing video games actually make your vision better. Now comes another study as a proof (with link ofc):- In one study, 10 male students who were not gamers were trained for 30 hours in first-person action games and then tested against 10 non-gamers. The students who played were able to see objects more clearly in cluttered spaces because of improved spatial resolution. They were able to train their brains to see smaller details because, in each game, those details turned out to be important. And as technology is getting advanced with time, you can become more physically active as a gamer. How? Because most major gaming consoles have the technology to get gamers off of the couch and onto their feet. The future of VR gaming will take things to a whole new level. Mobile game programmers have also started to create games that are played across physical space, building them around real-world location data and inspiring gamers to relocate in order to advance in the virtual world.

Video games have mental health benefits. They boost mood and make your heart rhythms better, thus indirectly causing stress relief.

Now as for small children, video games can be a fun way to get them tricked into learning. Game developers have realized that video games could be used to improve reading and math skills. Today, there are thousands of games that incorporate world history, cooking, politics, chemistry, architecture, and many other topics you may not have been exposed to in school.

Now comes the final point as per my knowledge: - Video games inspire you to be more persistent. In most of the video games, you either win or lose. This is the reason why you keep trying. You constantly keep on learning from your mistakes as you progress in video games. Video games teach you to be more confident and make you more patient, as there’s no one on this planet who hasn’t lost at least once in a game. If you lose, you try again, this is a sign of patience as long as you don’t give up. This value is one of the most important if you want to succeed in the 21st century. Wanna test your patience? Play this game named “Getting Over It.” Even adults can give it a try. I bet you are gonna be bald trying to complete the game. Click here to download.

Okay, now we are done with the pros of video games. I stated previously that every coin has 2 sides. So here are the points you need to keep in mind always (or your parents will come shouting at me saying that why did I write this blog?)

1]. Make a time- table and play games only during free time. Play max. 1 hour per day. Not more than that.

2]. Don’t put gaming ahead of studies (unless you seriously are a pro in gaming and are sure to pursue your career in it).

3]. Don’t let games control you! (As you don’t want games to change your attitude and behavior, be who you are.)

4]. Study the pros and cons of a game before playing it. They should be totally safe for children (or whatever your age is).

So, I end my blog post here. I regard this as an EPIC POST. This is surely gonna change people’s attitude towards games. Do like this post and comment if you have any questions (or feel offended). If you are new, subscribe to my blog to get email notifications whenever I post something new.