Gen- Z is Cursed

Hard times never fail to make someone cry, yeah it’s so true. Imagine it's Sunday, you woke up early (which is rare stuff) and started studying. You thought that you’ll get the rest of the day for having fun if you did complete all of your studies and homework in the morning itself. But mind you, that decision never works, thanks to Gen- Y. Anyways, you’ve completed your studies now and its time for some thrill play. You are on a Discord call with your friends, playing VALORANT. You are unmuted and are talking to your friends (calling out the location of the enemies probably?). And as usual your mom enters your room ranting about the game, and yes, you are unmuted.

Now it’s time to cry because your friends heard everything your mom told you. You tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter. Your mom will say the typical dialogue: “Go and study! Stop playing games. You never study!”

Now how in the world do you explain your mom? She wont understand, and if she does, you’re lucky. But that’s a dream, let’s stick to the reality. Your mom didn’t agree with you, and you had to stop playing, and get back to studies. You know what the problem is? Is it your mistake? Yes it is! It is your mistake because it was you who woke up early and started studying hard while your mom was sleeping. She didn’t see you studying, thus she won’t even believe it!

Such things used to happen with me almost everyday, and this has made me finally quit games (maybe for a short period but yeah). I loved to study at night, till 3 and 4 or whatever. It suited me. But I had to change my favourite studying time just because my mom thought I didn’t do anything productive at night. Well, it’s me who’s gonna write the exams, not her, so why doesn't she trust me? Who doesn’t wanna top? Who doesn’t want more marks? Gen- Y needs to understand this, they’re bad at it. I used to study till 3 AM, and then used to wake up late after sleeping (and if it was school time, I had to sleep in the afternoon). And that’s it, the moment I woke up late, my mom used to utter her typical dialogue, you wasted half of your day. And this makes me pretty angry every time she says that. Gen- Y doesn’t understand that a day has 24 hours, whether I study at night or in early morning, I’m studying for the same amount of time! Nevermind, they can’t change themselves and their mindset so easily. I got fed up with all these dialogues and sacrificed the only hour I used to play games a day, yeah I stopped playing games. Gen- Y won’t understand the current world, they usually have a pretty old mindset and that’s a fact.

Moving on, there are a ton of ways in which Gen- Z is cursed. Go and thank Gen0 Y for all of this. Let’s give you a chance to read about them, and yeah, they hold true. Okay Gen- Y readers, I’m talking to you now. These are the places where you are damn wrong in every aspect:

Ever heard of guilt, jealousy, or emotional blackmail? Well you’re putting our happiness at risk.

First things first, you criticise us! I call this “sense of speech”, which is absent in almost everyone. Let’s give you a common example, you might be saying this to your child after seeing their results. “That’s good, but you could do better.” Remember this line you said the last time? You just see the pain, not the gain. Remember the difference between a winner and a loser? I hope you didn’t forget that. Instead of praising our efforts and being optimistic, you just point out at our faults.

Number 2, you make fun of us. You think it’s a joke to laugh at us? Be it public or private, those jokes may seem funny to you, but it’s a whole different story for us! Affects self- esteem duh.

The next one is very well known to you too. You make us feel guilty. When we are screwed up we know that before you! No need of of your input to further make us feel guilty!

Now after all of this, you expect us not to cry? Well, adding to that are your free tips which are: “Stop crying! There’s no reason to cry!”

No reason huh? Are you kidding me? It’s not a reason for you to cry, it’s for us. You don’t know our situation! Instead try being a human, or simply put, provide us with support and don’t let our voices remain unheard.

Another huge problem is your vicariousness. This doesn’t require me to explain to you. Your dreams might not be the same as ours. You can’t live through us and impose our failed dreams on us. It’s my choice at last. You are an idiot to go into the IT sector just because a ton of people are applying for it. Just do some research, IT field is gonna fall soon. 😉

I'm fed up with the typical dialogue of yours: “Be quiet and listen.”

And I bet you find yourselves saying that too often. You’re taking away our right to speak! Wait, why are you even doing that?

And the biggest problem, as we both know, are trust issues. You are always eager to read our chats and stuff. Wait, why are you even interested? Is it fun to take away someone’s privacy? Umm, I don’t feel so.

This list is so long. Moving on, the next in our list is the pressure you build on us. Ever heard about the cult of performance? You think anything below A+ is not good? Well you aren’t even satisfied if we get A+. Adding to that, our extracurricular schedule is jam packed! Makes us sick :D

You even try to compete with ourselves. Well, we are the winners, but we let you win because we care for you, while you don’t. And yeah you’re jealous of us because we are achieving more than you ever did.

Plus you have fits of anger. Well, you are a total noob just because you scream over spilled milk.

And here comes the biggest difference, Gen- Y is never sorry even though they do know that it was their fault. This makes us cut ties from you, remember this.

Enough of reading about your problems, Gen- Y? Well, I forgive you. Just work upon it.

Games ain’t bad, it’s your small mind that creates unwanted barriers. We’ve got 1 single life, why do you even create barriers for others or yourself? Enjoy to the fullest! Let’s go!

Will meet y’all again soon with a new post. Till then, stay classic, stay cool, and don’t be a fool.

See ya!

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