How and Why did the World's Biggest Server Network Go Down?

If you are a freak who uses YouTube continuously, you must have seen this error message that I saw:


Okay, no problem. I had to download a collaboration presentation which I made with my friend. I headed over to my Google Drive to download it. Wait.. What?

Seriously? Okay no problem, I had to email something important.

Noooooo! What is happening with me?! Wait, it wasn't just me, it was the whole globe that was facing this problem on Monday, December 14th.

Now how did all this even happen? Well, Google had a seriously bad day. Their servers faced a major outage, thus causing all Google services to stay dormant for nearly an hour. Everything, from Google Cloud Console, Drive, Gmail, and Stadia to YouTube were down.

Now the main question is, how did this all even happen?

I was seriously excited to know the reason. And here it is, Google gave us a reason in its blog.


"The company explained that Google's automated storage quota management system was the major cause behind the global outage."

If I am questioned, I would allot this work to some humans. At least it'll be reliable than automated systems IF STORAGE IS THE CONCERN. Our data is important at last. There are thousands of people from the IT sector who are jobless out there, and Google is happy having fully automated systems!

I still remember that

"Risk takers are money makers."

But Google proved it wrong, finally. 😂

Microsoft on the other hand, has people to manage server storage quota, which I feel is better as user data is the most important thing that a company can handle.

Google's storage issues is one of the main reasons due to which it has planned to change it's storage policies for users. YOU WON'T GET FREE STORAGE OF PHOTOS AT HIGH QUALITY FROM JULY 1ST, 2021. It will count against your 15GB Google Drive space. (Unless you have a premium subscription).

On December 14, Gmail users across the globe were in for a rude shock when Google services went down abruptly. As per Downdetector, the website that tracks web outages, reported over 40,000 outage cases from around the world nearly 10 minutes after the outage began. YouTube and Gmail seem to have been the worst hit globally, causing an uproar on Twitter about how Google services have left them high and dry especially on the first day of the week.

And finally, our favorite moment arrived: Google apologized for what happened. Loved it right?

Only was working.

Hope you liked this blog. Will come up with another interesting blog soon. Peace.