Importance of Goal Setting

What is a goal? You know that. What is the importance of goal setting? You know that because you don’t wanna ruin your life. What are the types of goal settings with examples? You don’t know that that’s why I’m writing this post. And yep, I am sharing my personal goal and the goal-setting plan with you. Let’s get started!

But still, Time-based for enhancing the connection between you and this post, I’m briefly defining some key terms.

What is a goal? – Well there’s a good connection between the 2 meanings of the word ‘goal’ in the dictionary. One is the pair of posts linked by a crossbar in the game of football and rugby, but we aren’t bothered about that. The meaning that needs to bother us is the real meaning of ‘goal’ in real life. It’s simple, just 4 words to remember- an aim or a desired result. Simple right? Let’s move on…

Now, what’s the importance of 'goal setting’?- Alright let’s be serious now. There are many reasons! Here they go- It gives you focus. They help you measure your progress.

They help you stay motivated.

They help you beat procrastination.

They help you achieve even more.

They help you determine what you want in life.

Now notice that each of the above lines has the word ‘help’ in them. So simply clubbed in one line, goal setting helps you. And you need help, yes you do.

Coming to the 3rd point, types of goals. Most of you might be reading about the types of goals for the first time. I’ve explained it like a pro!

So the types of goals are- Time-based goals

Focus goals

Topic-based goals

And finally, my favorite, experimental goals.

So what does this even mean? So first things first, education is important. And time-based goals and education go hand in hand. If your goal has a lot to do with proper education, always remember to be consistent in all the work and studies you do. Argh, and don’t sob if your performance graph goes down, mind you failure is an important part of success.

Financial goals are also a type of time-based goal. You know money makes the world go round and round, or at least, it does to an extent. Money is everything? Yep, traveling it is. People who say money can't happiness are stupid. Yes STUPID, real stupid fellas. Everyone wants to be in the best place, in the best condition. If you have money, you will surely go on a vacation to Dubai (unless you are boring and don’t like travelling). And if you don’t have money, you end up going to a nearby hill right? See this! I proved those people wrong. Money just bought happiness to the person who went to Dubai for a vacay, but the one who doesn’t have that much to spend will always be sad. You don’t need a partner to be a happy friend! Be Mr. Bean? A happy hippy who makes others smile and laugh?

No wonder money is the most popular area when it comes to goal setting. No matter what rung of the ladder we’re currently on, most of us have aspirations and ambitions with the ultimate aim of making more money. Always think of making more money rather than saving. Think big friend. It sounds funny but I wanna top that list of wealthiest people which Bloomberg makes each year. Are you laughing? It none of your business though look and focus on yourself.

Alright moving on to Focus- based goals. Health-based goals are the best example. As usual, manage your diet and activity time accordingly. Well, is that’s the only solution. Remember these golden words from me: There are no shortcuts to achieving great things. And health is one of them.

Another example of focus-based goals are career goals. We spend a huge chunk of time in our lives working. So don’t you think it’s wise to have some goals in place for such an important area of your life? This category is inextricably connected with education because you can’t really have one without the other. Making the effort to study and actively improve your skillset may open up new career avenues for you. So, just try increasing your productivity in the required tasks.

Now comes topic-based,, goals. So the best example here are relationship goals. While we are all complete in ourselves, the people in our lives play a huge role in how we feel and what we can accomplish. These goals are unselfish because they are mostly unselfish goals. Stay Tuned with your Loved Ones Wherever they may be. Use Technology to its fullest!!! Hell yeah you are lucky to have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype and what not!

And the 4th type of goal, and my favorite, Experimental- goals. Simple put together, these goals are the hardest and the best goals one can ever achieve. Want an example? There are a ton! Steve Jobs, Phil Knight, Sergey Brin & Larry Page, Bill Gates…. Ceos and owners of the world’s biggest companies. That’s why it's my personal favorite.

Here’s a relevant quote from Steve Jobs:

All you need is to just go and perform all the relevant things to your goal plan, and the dots will always connect...

Done! I explained to you the hardest thing in life. Goal setting. Now as I promised before, I am sharing with you, my goal…

Disclaimer: Don’t laugh.

So I dream of starting my own multinational company. I want it to be an LLC. The name is KALEIDO LLC.

So what will the company do? EVERYTHING. Because I want money. I want to top the list. I like putting my nose everywhere, to be honest. But I always have had an interest in automobiles. So the main work is creating world-class automobiles. Now, what else apart from that? I plan KALEIDO to be in several streams like eCommerce, web- services, reseller services (like Nyasa- a reseller of Apple). More focus needs to be put on IoT (Internet of Things), healthcare, drones (yes drones), automobiles and eCommerce. These are the hot business ideas till 2100. Long way to go.

And yeah, one last piece of advice, keep a track of time. Time makes the world move. Even you? Don’t let time move you, you move the time.

Hope you liked this post! Tell me if it wasn’t interesting. But I bet it was. 😀

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