Indian King used Rolls Royce to Insult Britishers

This post is on an unknown story of India. Even I didn’t know about it until my friend told to me about it a day ago. I found it extremely fascinating and am really glad to share this with you.

You probably know what Rolls Royce is. It’s an automobile manufacturing company as most people know. NOPE. It is way more ahead than that! Rolls Royce is an airplane engine manufacturer, a marine propulsions system manufacturer, a power generation systems manufacturer, and of course, a luxury car manufacturer. It’s a British company.

Now the question that arises is, how can someone even insult using a car that’s worth millions? Yes, even I was in the same dilemma before I got to know this story. Let’s get started!

Let’s go back in time, even before the 1st World War. Most of us don’t know that before the 1st World War, more than 20,000 Rolls Royce were built and almost 20% of the, were shipped to India, thanks to the wealthy Indian kings. There were almost 230 kings in India at that time, and around 2000 Rolls Royce in India. It is said that the kings of India had a strong connection with Rolls Royce. Owning a Rolls Royce used to be a pride (of course).

In 1920, Maharaja of Alwar, Jai Singh was walking around the streets of Mayfair Area, London. He was in a normal attire and he walked into a showroom of Rolls Royce. Then a British salesman ignored Maharaja Jai Singh because he thought he is just an ordinary poor Indian.

The King couldn’t take this insult and decided to return back to his hotel room and asked his servants to call to showroom and tell them that the King of Alwar city is going to buy a few of their cars. The salesmen and the showroom were lined up to honour the king’s visit and a red carpet was rolled out in the showroom.

The showroom had 6 cars present, and surprisingly, the king bought all of them! Imagine buying 6 Rolls Royce in one go! The king even paid the full amount, including the delivery charges.

And now comes the most awaited part of this post…

As soon as all the cars arrived in Alwar, the king immediately ordered the Municipality to use all of those 6 cars to sweep the streets of the city and collect garbage. Pretty shocking right? This is how the king took revenge. This news spread all over the world in no time, and the number one car manufacturer at that time, Rolls Royce, was in total shock. Their reputation and revenue, both dropped rapidly across the globe.

And finally, Rolls Royce sent a telegram to the king, apologizing got their behavior. They even offered 6 brand new cars to the king free of cost! In the end, the king ordered the Municipality to stop using those cars for collecting garbage and accepted the apologies from Rolls Royce.

This is how an Indian king insulted the British.

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