Is Your Mind Always in Conflict?

Are you always ready to lash out an opposing view or hold another person responsible for your problems? This is a TOTALLY WRONG attitude you're having. The only solution to calming your mind is to take your enemies out to lunch, at least once in a lifetime.

History has taught us that wherever there are living beings, there will be conflicts. While in the animal kingdom reasons for a fight may be limited to control over food and territory, the human species is far more complex. If the recent cases are taken into consideration, you'll realize that the frequency of conflicts in our daily lives has risen manifold- be it between a husband and a wife, mother and a child, siblings, friends, professionals, a stranger on a road, or even conflicts in our own minds. I've prepared some basic questions related to this topic along with my answers to them-

Is it possible to live a conflict-free life?

NO! There is no such thing as a conflict-free life. The nature of life is for things to rub against each other, to create friction, or sometimes to fall apart. We all expect a conflict-free life, but no one is spared. We all get lost, we all make mistakes, we all get ill, and eventually, we all die. If you have the courage to expect this, you can surely relax in this life with all of its messiness. If you can have a sense of humor about it, and a sense of wonder about the whole mystery of life, then dealing with conflicts can become a blessed challenge for you! You can use your energy to flow with life, as opposed to swimming hard against the current. You can even lie back and enjoy the ride!


Now, I'm introducing you all to a new term:- "Otherizing"

Otherizing is the dangerous act of turning someone into the enemy just because he or she looks different, prays different, speaks different, or thinks differently. We all surely engage in otherizing to some or the other degree in life. But there are some among us who are so damaged that they become dangerous. It is a behavior that has dogged mankind since the beginning of time. If you give it a think, you'll surely realize that you are somewhere involved in otherizing. For example, I have met many people directly regarding other groups as "wrongdoers", even though they didn't know them.

So, a new question obviously arises over here-

How can I stop otherizing?

Simply take the people you targeted for a lunch. It's a completely non- organized movement with an unknown number of members. Feel free to have lunch with people from different backgrounds, religions, and political parties. Following this, you'll surely grow in the field of compassion, self- awareness, and patience. You should try melting the differences between you in that lunch and gain an understanding of each other.

Now comes the dangerous question...

What can you do when seriously don't like the other person, and feel like lashing out?

The best way to overcome this problem is to search for demons within yourself. We often blame others for things that we too are capable of being or doing. See if you can find tendencies in yourself that are similar to the people who judge most harshly. At the end of the day, most people are the mirror images of ourselves- people in need of love, people in need of being appreciated; people who, given a chance, will reveal their hearts to you. Even if you disagree with someone fundamentally, there's no reason to be civil towards them.

So what is that one thing that helps us out in times of conflict?

Love. Knowing that no matter what happens, there is always love around us. Try to create a life of love. And when it comes to love, the more you give, the more you get.

Now here comes the final question...

Are we all equipped for conflict or crisis management?

In such times of uncertainty, fear, and change, we mostly look for ways to control what seems out of control. This is a natural response to fear and uncertainty. The more you try to control the uncontrollable, the more fearful and tightly bound you become. If you tighten in fear, you hinder new life from being born. It's not easy to relax in pain and trust change and chaos. It's natural to become frightened, to doubt yourself, to lash out, to give up. But you can surely learn in the midst of it all to stay open and faithful to yourself.

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