Stress. What's it like for a student?

Finally my exams got over. We had the topic “Stress on Children” for article writing in the English paper. Found it pretty interesting! And here are my thoughts:

Stress… It’s a broad term that’s surely faced by everyone. To pe precise, nobody can escape stress in today’s world. For me, a winner is just a loser who tried one more time. But most of us aren’t able to advantage outta that ‘one more time’. Why? The answer is pretty straight, stress.

A student’s life isn’t easy. But all people (elders in this case) aren’t able to understand it. Stress changes with time. It increases as time moves on. The single biggest stress and pressure for students is studies. Adding to that is the stress of choosing and thinking about the right career, as even a single small mistake committed here can ruin your whole life. Or simple do what you love the most. That surely targets success. Adding to this is the stress and pressure faced from your family and peers. Peer pressure. It makes you purposely change your decision. You simple remain unheard. Coping up with this, if you are a teen, is important. Try being dominant over others.

Alright, this wasn’t enough of stress. Lets add more. Here come the additional “advices” from parents. Doesn’t matter how long you study, the moment they see any electronic device in your hand, they start thinking that you don’t study. They simply think that you never study. Happens with everybody, I know. But every coin has 2 sides. These advices have some positive impact too. At least they do the work of reminding you about what you need to do and what your future plans need to be.

So the only big question that remains is, how to we cope up with stress? Is there any way? Will doing yoga and meditation work? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

All you need is to talk to yourself for at least 15 minutes a day. Remind yourself what you are made for. Because only you are responsible for the situation you are currently in. And only you can take yourself out of those situations. Make new friends, stay happy. That’s the only advice that’s gonna work.

And remember,

When you are broke- nobody sees you

When you are struggling- they laugh at you.

And finally, when the golden moment arrives!

When you succeed- they start hating you.

So stop expecting love. Learn to be strong and self reliant.

Focus on you until the focus is on you.

So that’s all for today! I apologize again for not posting since about a month. I was also struggling with exams, competitions and what not!

To your success!