Tragedy 2021, the Happiest Sad Ending

Imagine working hard for nothing. I mean, yeah people do work hard to achieve something, but, what if the ‘something’ changes to nothing? Everything wasted! Hell yeah, busted. This is what happened with a million students this year.

Everyone’s bored talking about COVID- 19 now. It’s just a part of our daily life. No escape. And as you know, a student’s life is hard, stressful, and whatnot.

Millions of students finished 9th in 2020, and then they started with 10th. But before that, schools give a 1 week vacay for chilling out! Students are so serious about 10th! Damn, they are like “Mom, lemme play games for these 7 days, then I’ll get started with 10th and no time for games throughout my life!” Oh man, damn serious students. But nobody obeys, even I play VALORANT as a boredom killer once a day, but things have certainly changed, there is no time left to get bored, yeah. Anyways moving on, students try to enjoy to their fullest in these 7 days, but still fearing the dark days that are gonna arrive...

And here comes the dark moment which scares everybody, 1st day of 10th! People suddenly change from idiot monkeys to studious Einsteins. A drastic change that makes parents think that their child is so studious and will rock 10th boards. But no, damn they were wrong. The so-called studious Einstein has a lifespan of just 1 day. 10th becomes a habit then. School, assignments, tests, homework, and games. Just 5 things remain in life. Students don’t have time for themselves.

Even schools think that they are making our lives better, but they aren’t doing what we, as students, expect them to do for us. Here’s how my day goes:

I wake up at 5 or 6 (I have to), then freshen up in 40 min and sit for studying. Sometimes I even go cycling if I want to. Then as usual, I need to become a bookworm, studying and reading textbooks. All of the routine is messed up. But wait! School starts again at 7:30 and goes on till 2:15. Sad. Hey wait! I have my classes at 3 PM again (you know you are an idiot if you don’t go to classes in 10th, it's a trend in the 21st century)! So I have my around 2: 30 and that is my only break till 4:30, as the classes are from 3 to 4:30. Huff... Whatta busy day.

Okay, so what I am trying to say is that the school isn’t able to properly use the same 7 hours as before. Let’s make this simple, when the school used to be offline for 7 hours, we used to do everything, from attending lectures to writing notes to playing football to doing time pass, everything. But now? Nah, schools have lost their potential. Those are the same 7 hours, but all we do in this time is attend lectures. Seriously, online schooling is of no use if schools themselves aren’t able to cope up with it. They still expect us to cope up though, bleh.

Fortunately we had an Orientation meeting this weekend, and we put forward some important points as students. Well, the school did listen to us, but the implementation is still left. Still waiting for good days to come.

Oh wait did I just forget the main thing? ASSIGNMENTS! Even the greatest of the greatest students fear assignments. Let me tell you how everything should work... The board committee just asks for 2 marked assignments per subject. But the school, nah, their work is… u know. They literally give us 7 to 10 assignments per subject goddamn it! And the assignments be like: Math: Identify Math in various forms in the nature around you. (who even asks for that in later life?(

Other subjects: Explain this lesson to your friends. But the best thing comes with visual arts lectures. In my arts lecture, we do DOPE STUFF like preparing garlands using polythene bags?! I mean, school, the education ministry just asked you to rank us through 5 subjects: Math, Science, English, Social Sciences, and Languages. Where is all this art and P.E lectures? They didn’t ask for it? Wait, we have a bath and sit for school, and you guys schedule a P.E lecture? We literally attend the school dull throughout the day. P.E with friends was fun, just can't get that same feeling online.

All I can say is, schools in the 21st century are just focused on increasing the pressure on students, they themselves keep blabbering that self- study is the best study and should be given utmost importance, but where is the time that we had when the school was offline?

ALL YOU NEED IS PROPER PLANNING. Schools fail to educate us in proper ways. To be honest, all that the schools are doing is preparing us to achieve a 9 to 5 job, no entrepreneurship skills taught, absolutely nothing. This is not what you call a “school”, and I bet every student out there is eager to attend the school that they dreamt of at least once in their life.