Unlock your mind, can this Lockdown be better?

Hello all, hope this lockdown time is going well for you… but to be frank, not for me! These 4-5 months of the lockdown were full of jealousy for me. We all are just sitting at our homes busy with the daily chores we need to do. But for students (including me), we all need to wake up early, get ready for the ‘virtual’ school, study sitting in front of the computer… and at last, complete the homework. But to be obvious, are we making the most outta this ‘Lockdown’ time? Nope, we aren’t. I myself understood what I am good at during this lockdown, and we all also may. Just sit for some time and give it a think! Don’t forget that we all are unique! Simply discover your passion first. So, why was I jealous? Simply because my friends were doing extraordinary things to put themselves a bar above others? Nope. I was jealous because they could make the most of their time and I couldn’t.

Some started professional-looking blogging websites, some were writing books (which is certainly commendable at the age of 14), others were reading interesting books, expressing their artistic skills, video and photo- editing, …and the list is endless. Basically, wherein the picture was I?

I gave it a think, and finally got to know this: - “I liked doing everything”

Well, its certainly okay to like doing everything unless your state is like: - “Jack of all trades, master of none…”

So just stick to one thing you think you are the best at.

I myself discovered that I was good at writing about different ‘niches’. That’s when I decided to start this website.

Well, I believe that jealousy is good…to some extent.

So stay tuned to Blognatto.com, as weekly interesting posts are awaiting. Just discover your inner passion and make the most of this lockdown!!!

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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Siddhant Choudhary