Want to Save the Earth? Stop Watching Netflix!

Found the title a bit nasty, umm, or shocking? Well it certainly is! This is true.

You might be wondering how is Netflix even related to the Earth. Lets me make it easier for you. We'll start from the beginning.

So first things first, the main thing you require while watching Netflix is INTERNET (of course). For example, the internet data prices in India have significantly fallen down ever since Reliance Jio was started. All providers are having a great competition against each other to provide the best for the cheapest. Well, let's leave that race aside. It's just for people who can't afford having a broadband. But this thing applies to broadband owners too, broadband internet is cheaper than mobile data anyways.

With dirt-cheap data prices, it is no surprise that streaming high-definition (HD) movies, shows, and music have become a common practice.

Now getting to the point, Netflix uses way more internet data if compared to other OTT services like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, YouTube, etc.

According to research done by scientists at the prestigious Royal Society in the UK, HD video streaming on a smartphone generates about eight times more emissions than standard definition (SD).

But to be honest, there is literally no visible difference between 480p and 720p or 720p and 1080p. They're pretty identical.

The main reason is, higher video quality increases the carbon emissions from your device.

The emissions from devices running High- Quality video content are responsible for 1.4% to 5.9% of the total carbon emissions on the planet. Now that's pretty shocking, right?

Everyone, on their side, needs to decrease the carbon emission from their side to combat the climate change. OTT providers on their side can set the default video quality to Standard Definition (SD).

Now how and from where are these carbon emissions generated from your device? The internet? Of course not. These emissions are generated from the mobile screens of your device!

So what can you, from your side, do to decrease these carbon emissions? This are the only 2 ways:

1]. It's pretty much recommended to turn off your mobile phone's screen while you're streaming music.

2]. Stream videos at a lower resolution unless necessary. 480p is recommended over 720p and 720p is recommended over 1080p.

These small steps, when followed strictly, can reduce the carbon emissions from your device upto 5%. Even YouTube is running it's servers on 100% renewable energy! Saving the planet is really important.

Another way is that you decrease your electronics consumption. The manufacturing of electronics is a carbon- intensive process, thus contributing a lot in environment crisis.

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